Color Impact February 5, 2012 19:29

 writes, "I love the burst of color that the fashion world is bringing us this Spring.  Read More: Lou's Style Watch


A New Twist on Scarves November 27, 2011 08:07

 This is the season for scarves!  Check out my blog on for some fun scarf knowledge and tips on new ways to wear them!  Lou's Style Watch


Must Haves to Extend your Fall Wardrobe October 28, 2011 11:12

 Wanting to get the most out of your Fall wardrobe?  Here are some great ideas to carry you through the season from my blog on  Lou's Style Watch

Transition Time? September 8, 2011 15:48


rubylou writes, "Fall transition in 100 degree weather? Right. I'll just ignore Fall until the trees begin to shed their leaves. Oh, I can't, I own a clothing store. I'm suppose to encourage you to embrace Fall! Leap into the season with passion!

We received our first order of boots at Ruby Lou along with sweaters and tops in colors that certainly say "Fall." We can't deny it's on the way, and now the challenge is embracing the change without causing any unnecessary hot flashes!
Every August I travel to Los Angeles for market. There, I see so many fashion representatives dressing for Fall transition while the temperatures climb into the 90's. They make it look easy. But actually, it is easy to put a "Fall" slant on a summer outfit. Here are some tips!

Color is an easy way to make a shift. You can give the feeling of Fall with color even though the style of the garment may be lightweight for summer. Fall shouldn't mean drab. Take a darker Fall color like charcoal grey, chocolate or black and give it a pop with a bright accent like persimmon, teal, or beet. Color is an easy foundation to build on.

Scarves continue to be a necessary object in fashion. I love Fall and Winter outerwear scarves that are chunky and warm. But, the scarves I'm talking about for transition are airy cotton and silks. Wrap them high on the neck or loose; either way they are an easy way to convey a Fall look without having a meltdown.

It's okay to stretch out the sandal season by wearing them with a skinny jean rather than a summer short. And, it's okay to stretch out the summer short season by wearing them with a fun boot or bootie. If you aren't quite ready for boots don't forget the ballet flat, they are a great alternative to a sandal.

Thin cardigans, vests, and jackets layered over a summer tunic or dress are all great ways to get more mileage out of your summer wardrobe. Look for sweaters and tees in lightweight fabrics. A layered look prepares you for a crisp morning, a cold office air-conditioner, and a blazing hot afternoon where you can eliminate the extra layers and then add them back in again when evening rolls around.

It's Heating Up! July 2, 2011 11:28


We have waited long enough and summer is finally here. So, now that those legs have a little color you can throw on a great pair of shorts with your favorite top and head out the door. No? You hate your legs? They are too short? Too long? Freckled? Fat? Knobby knees? We all have something we are worried about, but this season is a season for shorts. They offer great versatility, will help you beat the heat and are a fun way to get in on the trend.


Here’s how to do it:
Proportion is key
. Full through the hip? A short that is shorter and full through the leg is your best bet. Full through the middle and trim through the hip? A short with a trim leg is best. So, you aren’t comfortable with a shorter short or a slim leg short? Don’t worry, there is another option. A low-waist Bermuda that hits above the knee is an easy style that works great on ALL body types.

Think opposite. If you are wearing a shorter, fuller short, pair them with a top that has a trim fit. That way you are giving your body proportion. For those gals in a short with a trimmer leg, you’ll look great in a top that has some room. A slim Bermuda short with a tunic or button front menswear style works great.

Length? There is no age limit on length. If you are comfortable in a shorter short and the look works on your body type then by all means….do it! This doesn’t mean sporting a bootie short in the grocery store. That, my friend, is a style issue. Just because you think you can doesn’t mean you should.

There are so many great looks you can create with shorts, no matter what length or style looks best on you. You can create a more tailored look by adding a jacket and heels. You can create a look for date night by wearing a high platform or wedge with a shoulder-baring top. Or you can keep it casual with a flat sandal.

We all know how to slip on our shorts with a tee and flip flops, but challenge yourself this summer by re-defining how you wear shorts. Play around with the proportions, put on a pair of wedge sandals with a heel, slip on your shorts with a jacket for that dinner date, dress them up, wear them to work (a long Bermuda) with a tailored top. You’ll look so great you’ll forget about why you were afraid to wear them in the first place!

Island Inspired Scents by Comptoir Sud Pacifique March 21, 2011 14:27

Imagine how happy we were when we stumbled upon the Sud Pacifique booth at market in Las Vegas!  Intoxicating, sensual, and beachy!

These island inspired scents drew us in.  Not a bad choice in the bunch, so deciding on our favorites was a difficult task.  All have a tropical scent that takes your mind straight to paradise.  I could see the sunset on the beach, feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and immediately felt more relaxed.  We loved them!  And, our customers do too!

Our favorites:  Coco Figue, Mora Bella, Vanille Abricot, Aloha Tiare' and Musc Alize'


Riddle Time! January 25, 2011 10:38

Q:  What's Wintery and warm, Springy and bright, and needed an a gloomy January day? 

A:  An Oleana Blanket!  I should have guessed you all would know that!  So incredibly warm and soft!  And with those bright, bold colors we won't mind the gloom outside.  It seems once you own one Oleana blanket all you can think about is which style to buy next.  I wonder if it is considered bad parenting to steal my son's off his bed. 

Check them out, they are pictured in the "For the Home" catagory. 

Oleana Blanket

'Tis The Season December 18, 2010 09:19

Our nice UPS guy strolled in on a cold, crisp morning, to deliver the CUTEST fingerless gloves!  They can't be cashmere at this price point, but they are!  Now we don't have to fumble with taking our gloves off to make a call, check-out at the grocery store and search our handbags for our keys.  These are a necessary winter accessory.  I keep an extra pair in the car, just in case I leave the house without them!