Transition Time?

Written by Louise Russell


Posted on September 08 2011


rubylou writes, "Fall transition in 100 degree weather? Right. I'll just ignore Fall until the trees begin to shed their leaves. Oh, I can't, I own a clothing store. I'm suppose to encourage you to embrace Fall! Leap into the season with passion!

We received our first order of boots at Ruby Lou along with sweaters and tops in colors that certainly say "Fall." We can't deny it's on the way, and now the challenge is embracing the change without causing any unnecessary hot flashes!
Every August I travel to Los Angeles for market. There, I see so many fashion representatives dressing for Fall transition while the temperatures climb into the 90's. They make it look easy. But actually, it is easy to put a "Fall" slant on a summer outfit. Here are some tips!

Color is an easy way to make a shift. You can give the feeling of Fall with color even though the style of the garment may be lightweight for summer. Fall shouldn't mean drab. Take a darker Fall color like charcoal grey, chocolate or black and give it a pop with a bright accent like persimmon, teal, or beet. Color is an easy foundation to build on.

Scarves continue to be a necessary object in fashion. I love Fall and Winter outerwear scarves that are chunky and warm. But, the scarves I'm talking about for transition are airy cotton and silks. Wrap them high on the neck or loose; either way they are an easy way to convey a Fall look without having a meltdown.

It's okay to stretch out the sandal season by wearing them with a skinny jean rather than a summer short. And, it's okay to stretch out the summer short season by wearing them with a fun boot or bootie. If you aren't quite ready for boots don't forget the ballet flat, they are a great alternative to a sandal.

Thin cardigans, vests, and jackets layered over a summer tunic or dress are all great ways to get more mileage out of your summer wardrobe. Look for sweaters and tees in lightweight fabrics. A layered look prepares you for a crisp morning, a cold office air-conditioner, and a blazing hot afternoon where you can eliminate the extra layers and then add them back in again when evening rolls around.



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